Greg Murai: Composer  


Throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, Greg served various communities as a composer, arranger, performer and educator. As a composer, he is deeply involved in developing an authentic and inclusive musical language to meet the diverse needs of today's spiritual community. The culmination of much of his work can be heard on his CD's And Your Soul Will Dance and Unveiling a Song.

As an educator, he conducted classes and lectures at San Francisco State University, Contra Costa College, Jazz Camp West and the Jazzschool. He received a BA in Music Composition from the San Jose State University School of Music.

Available now! Unveiling A Song

Unveiling a Song is a diverse and uplifting collection of original tunes and arrangements. Over fifty musicians came together to create this unique musical vision.

The styles are varied and borrow from the great musical traditions of Jazz, Funk, Reggae, Salsa, Classical, Brazilian, and Gospel.