Greg Murai: Composer  
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"Greg's compositions show a creativity, a depth of internal ideas and resources, and a soulfulness like few others I've encountered. He seems to have an unlimited gift for lyricism and harmony."

Jonathan Dimmock
Organist / International Recording and Performing Artist


Greg Murai & Julie Ford are available individually or as a team.

Greg Murai

Greg brings twenty years of experience in worship leading and design to every collaboration.

As Composer, Greg will create:

  • Arrangements or original music for your adult, youth or children?s choir
  • Deep, yet appealing congregational songs
  • Arrangements for your contemporary band and your organist
  • Special music that supports the sermon topic
  • Fresh settings for classic hymns
  • Beautiful flow throughout the service

As Worship Leader and Director, Greg can:

  • Bring your choir to new gospel, jazzy, and rhythmic heights
  • Lead Sunday worship
  • Create a volunteer praise band
  • Work with your professional band
  • Coach your vocal soloists

Dr. Julie Ford - "I speak classical" (

With specialties in choral-orchestral conducting, chamber choir rehearsal techniques, early music performance practice, and festival adjudication, she also brings twenty years experience performing jazz. She and Greg Murai have worked as a team for the past twelve years in various environments.

As clinician, workshop leader, conducting teacher and adjudicator, Julie can:

  • Offer the choral director support, encouragement, and as candid feedback as desired. Customize the consultation to provide assistance according to your requests, with special sensitivity to the perspectives of classical musicians
  • Offer workshops for music staff, volunteer teams, and/or choirs, to demonstrate traditional -contemporary fusion, highlighting strategies to win over traditionalists
  • Offer a choral clinic on a myriad of topics, including early music and it?s similarities to jazz styles

References are readily available on request.
Contact Greg at 510.367.4485 or

Available now! Unveiling A Song

Unveiling a Song is a diverse and uplifting collection of original tunes and arrangements. Over fifty musicians came together to create this unique musical vision.

The styles are varied and borrow from the great musical traditions of Jazz, Funk, Reggae, Salsa, Classical, Brazilian, and Gospel.